10 Hard Challenges To Try In Diablo 2

You’ve played Diablo 2 a million times, and you’re looking for something new to do. You’ll be busy with these samples!

With Lilith finally making a move to take back Sanctuary in Diablo 4, fans of the series may want to play all of the Diablo games again to get their action role-playing game fix. And while the first Diablo game had fan-favorite features like procedurally-generated environments and real-time combat, it was Diablo 2 that added the features that made the current ARPG genre possible.

In recent years, Diablo 2 has become the Diablo 2: Resurrected remake. Fans of the series may be excited to fight the three Prime Evils again, but this time with better images and gameplay. But for fans who want a more difficult Diablo 2 experience, what are some hard tasks that really put a player’s skills to the test?

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