6 Best Theme Parks In Tangier For A Thrilling Holiday Experience

Tangier represented one of the pleasures of our trip to Morocco. This port city was the hometown of Ibn Battuta, an ancient hero whose world expedition and epic itinerary I had long loved. I was to be in this ancient city, and Tangier did not disappoint. So, these are the finest activities in Tangier, Morocco!

Tangier can also be spelt Tanger. It is a historic city in Morocco’s northwestern region. Tangier’s past is fascinating, and being a port city, it is easy to envisage it as a melting pot of different cultures and civilizations.

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Explore old town 

The Tanger medina is the city’s MOST visited attraction. So, as the medina is with passageways of Moroccan culture and history. Tangier is a younger city than its older brothers, Fes and Marakesh. Restaurants, stores, hotels and riads, handicrafts and textile factories, and more can be within Tangier’s medina. It is worthwhile to devote half a day to exploring the medina. The old city, or medina, is quite easy to navigate and difficult to get lost in. It is also more cleaner than the oldest medina, Fes el Bali.

Place du Grand 

Place du Grand 9 April is a sprawling square in Tangier’s medina. It was after Mohammad V’s speech advocating Moroccan independence in 1947. This enormous socco, also known as the large souk, is a bustling market plaza where local sellers sell handicrafts, food, and souvenirs. The square is adorned with marble fountains and the Mendoubia Gardens. Petit Socco is also available in Tangier. It was well-known as a hangout for drug traffickers and prostitutes. Today, though, it is safe for a stroll or a quick tour. At the souk, you can sip a mint tea or orange juice while watching the rush and bustle of the bazaar.

American Legation 

Tangier’s American Legation is a museum. This five-story museum inside the medina speaks volumes about Morocco and Morocco-United States ties. It is home to several historical relics and cultural studies about the Moroccan-American relationship. This is a fantastic starting point to discover more regarding Tangier’s history. Morocco became the very first country to officially recognise the United States as a nation in 1777. In 1821, the institution’s museum initially opened its doors.

Tangier Kasbah Square 

Tangier’s Kasbah afforded unobstructed views of the Mediterranean and the historic medina. The white washed lanes and houses stand out against the blue lake backdrop. The Kasbah square is where you may observe and be amused by the Sultan’s creations. We observed snake charmers at work and several people selling Tangier souvenirs. The eateries in the area reminded us of Greece – white and blue homes perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. The Kasbah Museum of European Cultures in the plaza is where you can learn more this ancient town.

Kasbah Museum

Tangier’s Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures is a prominent museum that displays historic treasures from Tangier’s history. Notable exhibits include a mosaic of Venus from Volubilis, statues, and many mediaeval map copies. The museum’s exhibits span the prehistoric to the nineteenth centuries. The museum is housed in Dar El Makhzen, the old Grand Palace of the Sultans, and is accessible from the medina via the Bab Kasbah or the Bab Haha gate.

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Cave of Hercules 

The Caves of Hercules are an archaeological site near Cape Spartel that is both natural and man-made. The Phoenicians may have built the cave, which resembled a map of Africa and pointed to the sea. The caves are presently well-kept, with walking pathways and lights to facilitate exploration and access. Berber artwork and texts can also be inside the cave. There is a restaurant and a cafe outside the cave complex, as well as gift shops and magnificent blue waters.

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