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Ambulette Services In New York City: 5 Reasons To Use Them

There are currently more than 930,000 people living with disabilities in New York. Despite the fact that these disabilities can have many causes, all of them can make navigating the city very challenging.

We are on our way to help. As of now, ambulette services are widely available for non-emergency transportation in the city, although ambulances have been available since 1899.

What is it about these benny express services that makes so much of a difference to disabled people in New York City? Find out what the top five benefits of ambulette services are.

  1. There are wheelchair-accessible ambulances available from ambulance services

New York City isn’t the most accessible place in the world when it comes to mobility – nor is its public transportation. Wheelchairs cannot be accommodated in most taxi cabs.

Several types of wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available in wheelchair transportation services. Our vehicles can provide you with the support you need no matter what.

  1. A comfortable and stylish ride is waiting for you

The experience of traveling in an ambulance is not particularly luxurious and can be uncomfortable. A sleek and modern vehicle such as one provided by Benny Express Transportation is a better alternative.

Your loved ones can also join you for the ride, and wheelchairs and medical equipment can be accommodated.

Keeping our passengers safe on the road is of course our top priority. As a result, all of the vehicles in our fleets comply with HIPAA regulations.

  1. It is possible to get assistance with stairs from ambulance staff

With ambulance services, you can travel comfortably from A to B. Dropping you off at your front door or at your final destination isn’t what we mean by this.

Two Men Assist With Stairs is also available on our teams. Consequently, they will make sure you arrive at your destination on time.

  1. Booking different ambulance services in advance is possible

It can be stressful and tiring to find a taxi in New York that can accommodate your mobility requirements. By allowing you to book in advance, ambulette services help make this process easy.

Call us and we will give you a free estimate on which vehicle service is right for you. Having your transportation sorted out allows you to relax.

  1. A wide range of locations are available for ambulance services

In an ambulette, you can go anywhere, not just to and from the hospital! Among the services offered by Benny Express Transportation are:

New York City

It’s Manhattan, stupid

A neighborhood in the Bronx


Island State

Getting to your destination won’t be a problem!

Take advantage of New York City ambulance services today

Ambulette services are available in New York City to make it more accessible to everyone. Whether you want to go to Manhattan, Jersey City or Long Island, we can take you there!

Searching for “ambulette services near me” isn’t necessary. Contact Benny Express Transportation for more information or a free quote. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

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