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Are Electric Vehicles and Batteries Bad for the Environment?

In mid-March 2022, a broadly circulated meme was despatched to our editorial group for investigation, which we decided comprises a combination of true, false, and unproven claims. In a nutshell, the submit argued that eco-friendly electrical autos (EVs) have been dangerous for the setting, and introduced a number of imprecise, unsupported “info” in an try and bolster the argument.

The Fb submit we acquired appeared to have began circulating on-line on March 12, 2022. The very fact-checking web site Lead Tales positioned a whole model of the submit, which now we have archived.

The whole thing of the submit is simply too lengthy to share right here, however now we have damaged out its main claims beneath. For assist evaluating them, we spoke with Elena Krieger, director of analysis at PSE Wholesome Vitality, a multidisciplinary analysis and coverage institute targeted on the adoption of evidence-based vitality coverage.

Declare: Batteries don’t make electrical energy. Relatively, they retailer electrical energy produced elsewhere, primarily by coal, uranium, pure gas-powered crops, or diesel-fueled turbines.

It’s true that batteries retailer electrical energy produced elsewhere, however what that electrical energy is generated by is determined by the electrical grid that the battery is related to. (For extra background on this, learn “Vitality Storage: How It Works and Its Function in an Equitable Clear Vitality Future,” by the Union of Involved Scientists.)

California has particularly designed its Self-Technology Incentive Program (SGIP) to encourage charging at instances when grid emissions are low, identified Krieger.  As Jeff St. John wrote in an article for Inexperienced Tech Media, the purpose of tasks like SGIP are to incentivize power-producing applied sciences that contribute much less to greenhouse gasoline emissions, reminiscent of photo voltaic or wind, than fossil fuels do. There are controversies with the know-how, reminiscent of issues that natural-gas-fueled turbines used weren’t lowering the consumption of fossil fuels.

Battery amenities additionally permit for energy from renewable sources to be produced when the wind is blowing windmills or the solar is shining on photo voltaic panels earlier than being saved for later use throughout instances of excessive consumption.

Declare: It’s invalid to say that an electrical automobile is zero-emission.

An electrical automobile has zero tailpipe emissions, famous Krieger. Nevertheless, emissions from each greenhouse gases and health-damaging air pollution all through the course of the automobile’s use depend upon how and the place the automobile is produced, what electrical energy is used to cost the automobile, and the way the automobile is disposed of.

Union of Involved Scientists analyzed information from 2018 and affirmed that EVs produce considerably fewer emissions than gasoline:

Primarily based on the place EVs have been bought, driving the typical EV produces international warming air pollution equal to a gasoline automobile that will get 88 miles per gallon (mpg) gas economic system. That’s considerably higher than probably the most environment friendly gasoline automotive (58 mpg) and much cleaner than the typical new gasoline automotive (31 mpg) or truck (21 mpg) bought within the US. And our estimate for EV emissions is nearly 10 p.c decrease than our earlier estimate two years in the past. Now 94 p.c of individuals within the US reside the place driving an EV produces much less emissions than utilizing a 50 mpg gasoline automotive.

Declare: Forty p.c of electrical energy generated within the U.S. is from coal-fired crops, so 40% of EVs on the street are coal-powered.

“Information from the U.S. Vitality Info Administration (EPA) present that 22% of electrical energy generated within the U.S. was from coal crops in 2021, up from 19% the 12 months earlier than, so the primary a part of this assertion is inaccurate,” defined Krieger.

“The second half implies that the technology is proportional to automobile charging. This assumption could also be invalid for 2 causes: 1) EV adoption may be very excessive in locations like California, which has minimal coal in its energy combine, and a pair of) it is determined by when the autos are charged, and which energy crops dominate on the time the autos are charged.”

Declare: There are two orders of batteries: rechargeable and single-use. Batteries use poisonous and heavy metals to chemically retailer electrical energy, together with zinc, manganese, lithium, silver oxide, or zinc and carbon.

It’s true that there are rechargeable and single-use batteries, each of which include poisonous supplies of various levels.

“No know-how is zero impression, however some battery chemistries use fewer poisonous supplies than others. For instance, Tesla is phasing out cobalt from its batteries, albeit seemingly because of outdoors stress, as a result of cobalt is commonly mined by youngsters within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Extra on that beneath,” defined Krieger.

Declare: Sixty-eight p.c of the world’s cobalt, a major a part of a battery, comes from the Congo. These mines do not need air pollution controls and make use of youngsters.

It’s estimated that greater than 70% of the world’s cobalt is produced within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Overseas-owned companies, primarily Chinese language, account for about 60% of world cobalt demand for use within the rechargeable battery {industry} for use in automobiles and digital units. Cobalt mining does include environmental issues that will outweigh its use in rechargeable electronics. The nonpartisan analysis group Wilson Heart stories that fast cobalt extraction contributes to international warming, whereas mining operations generate “extremely excessive carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions,” each of which may contribute to the greenhouse impact.

Human rights teams have documented “extreme human rights points” in mining operations, in keeping with the Council on Overseas Relations. It’s estimated that of the 255,000 Congolese mining for cobalt, 40,000 are youngsters.

Cobalt will increase battery life and has been a preferred alternative for EV batteries, however the U.S. Geological Survey notes that the mineral can be utilized in a plethora of different items, together with airbags, petroleum and chemical industries, paints, varnishes, dyes, and magnets, amongst many different items and processes.

Declare: Below Einstein’s formulation E=MV^2, it takes the identical quantity of vitality to maneuver a 5,000-pound car per mile because it does an electrical one.

Snopes spoke with Brandon Baxley, an LA-based engineer and physicists, who mentioned that “Einstein’s formulation” is just not one of the best idea to use on this case.

“Einstein’s formulation is extra about how a lot complete attainable vitality could be extracted from mass like, for instance, in a nuclear explosion. It isn’t related to one thing like this,” mentioned Baxley. “If [the original poster] is referencing Einstein’s formulation, which means they aren’t totally clear on the physics of the idea.”

Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply the argument is totally incorrect. Baxley famous that on this case, the idea of kinetic vitality is a extra applicable idea. This follows that it might take the identical quantity of vitality to maneuver two autos of equal weight no matter whether or not they’re powered by gasoline or electrical energy

Over the past 4 a long time, the typical weight of a automobile within the U.S. has elevated from about 3,200 kilos to almost 4,200 kilos for a wide range of causes, one in all which is because of heavier battery packs in electrical autos, in keeping with a 2020 report by the EPA. Heavier autos require extra vitality to maneuver than lower-weighted autos, however weight is only one element along with different elements like velocity and velocity.

Declare: Many rechargeable batteries include dangerous chemical substances like nickel, and usually are not recycled.

“I assume nickel-metal oxide is supposed to discuss with nickel-metal hydride, which is frequent in older Priuses. Nickel-cadmium batteries have been frequent for small electronics however aren’t utilized in automobiles or laptops or something and are much less frequent now. Lead-acid batteries, reminiscent of these used to start out most automobiles, are additionally rechargeable. Practically all lead-acid batteries are recycled, though it’s value noting these amenities aren’t at all times safely managed,” defined Kireger.

“See, for instance, the Excide plant in LA that was polluting a largely low-income Latino group for many years. Lithium-ion batteries are presently recycled at a low charge, largely as a result of it’s cheaper to make new batteries than recycle previous ones, though there are a whole lot of start-ups working on this area (e.g. Redwood Supplies, based by former Tesla CTO). That is an space that wants extra funding, analysis, and laws.”

Declare: Used batteries can break down and “leak” electrical energy; the “ruined flashlight” analogy.

Krieger defined that many batteries self-discharge at some charge (some larger than others), that means that if a battery is left unused for a protracted time period, it’s going to seemingly have a decrease state of cost over time. She furthered:

The “ruined flashlight” appears like some form of side-reaction occurred over time, seemingly producing supplies that put stress on the battery and prompted it to rupture, leaking out battery acid that broken the encircling casement. When it comes to batteries being “run down,” sometimes a battery is taken into account “useless” when it hits some threshold the place the voltage of the battery drops beneath a sure stage.

The poster is appropriate that you would theoretically drain a battery much more should you hooked it as much as a circuit. The battery isn’t precisely “leaking” electrical energy to the skin. It’s seemingly present process extra electrochemical reactions that, ideally, wouldn’t happen. I believe what sometimes comes out is the electrolyte, not the electrode supplies, because the electrolyte is extra more likely to be a liquid. You definitely shouldn’t contact the electrolyte. It’s usually acidic.

In Oakland, at the least, you’re not presupposed to throw batteries in trash; you’re supposed to place them in a separate bag in your trash can in order that the hazardous waste could be managed correctly and never simply thrown in a landfill. I do agree that you just shouldn’t simply throw a lithium-ion battery in a landfill. Ideally, we be taught low-energy and cost-effective methods to recycle all of them. Lead-acid batteries, as famous, are normally recycled, and I believe that’s promising for our capability to handle the long run lithium-ion battery waste stream.

Solar Panels, Electrical Device
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Declare: Windmills and photo voltaic panels use extra vitality than they produce.

This level is a part of the continued debate over whether or not renewable energies like photo voltaic panels and wind generators could be thought of inexperienced as they require extractive assets to construct, a lot of which could be dangerous to human well being.

Silicon derived from quartz is the first materials used within the manufacturing of photo voltaic cells, a course of that produces greenhouse gasoline emissions and requires producers to deal with poisonous chemical substances. Photo voltaic panels may also be sourced and produced from a wide range of supplies, together with  silicon-based panels, gallium arsenide, cadmium-telluride (also known as “skinny movie”, and so on.

“These aren’t normally all made directly (besides in comparatively uncommon multi-junction cells); as a substitute, most producers make silicon cells, and a few others use different semiconductors reminiscent of cadmium telluride. Some components of those are recycled, some aren’t. The manufacturing course of, like every supplies processing, does should be performed in a manner that protects environmental and human well being,” mentioned Kreiger.

The EPA notes that most of the supplies are simply recyclable, together with glass (about 75% of a photo voltaic panel), the aluminum body, copper wire, and plastic junction field. Poisonous chemical substances, together with cadmium, can also be current in photo voltaic panels that may make recycling harder. Even so, at the least one U.S. producer runs devoted recycling amenities that recuperate semiconductor materials like cadmium and tellurium.

The cited windmill can be barely off and is determined by the scale and mannequin the a turbine in query. For instance, the Haliade-X turbine, which is among the many largest in manufacturing, caps out to only over 900 tons. Wind generators final a median of 25 years and about 85% of element supplies — together with metal, copper wire, electronics, and gearing — could be recycled, in keeping with an article printed by the Union of Involved Scientists. As of this writing, it’s true that used blades can’t be recycled. It’s also true that windmills are vitality intensive and that the blades are largely not recyclable. As now we have beforehand reported, some windmills might not recoup their energy-construction prices, however it’s unfaithful to say that no windmills will generate as a lot vitality as was invested in constructing them. In some instances, a well-situated windmill might pay again the vitality prices in beneath three years.

“The query is: how lengthy should a windmill generate vitality earlier than it creates extra vitality than it took to construct it? At a superb wind web site, the vitality payback day might be in three years or much less; in a poor location, vitality payback could also be by no means,” wrote earth scientist David Hughes in his 2009 e-book, Carbon Shift: How Peak Oil and the Local weather Disaster Will Change Canada (and Our Lives).

Declare: A typical EV battery weighs one thousand kilos, concerning the measurement of a journey trunk, and so on.

Information within the meme seems to be quoted from the Tesla web site (900 kilos, 6,831 cells; that is previous and certain varies by mannequin). As Krieger notes, it’s troublesome to generalize the load and quantity of supplies in any given EV as “every producer makes use of a special chemistry and the chemistries are consistently altering.”

A 2021 article printed in Nature advised that many EV batteries include eight kilograms of lithium, 35 kilograms of nickel, 20 kilograms of manganese, and 14 kilograms of cobalt – however many corporations are transferring away from cobalt or advancing numerous applied sciences and the utilization of sure supplies.

An aerial view of Moss Touchdown in California with the facility plant pictured within the middle. U.S. Military Corps of Engineers Digital Visible Library
Declare: California developed the “largest battery on the planet.”

It seems that the unique poster is referencing the Moss Touchdown battery venture that changed an previous gasoline plant. At present, it measures 400 megawatts, and operators are contemplating doubling it. Precisely what that growth appears to be like like stays to be decided.

“Whereas among the energy charging this facility may come from photo voltaic and wind, there’s no assure it’s going to accomplish that. It simply costs and discharges from the grid. It would cost extra with photo voltaic, since we’re beginning to see a surplus in the midst of the day, and it would assist combine wind energy, and it would do different issues like assist restrict the necessity for gasoline crops to ramp up shortly to fulfill the night peak,” defined Krieger.


Briefly, the submit claiming that EVs aren’t any higher for the setting than different vitality sources is a type of copypasta wherein social media customers copy and paste content material with out verifying the claims made inside it. A glance by way of social media confirmed that the uncited “info” had been reposted quite a few instances. Whereas there are parts of reality to the submit, it largely overgeneralizes the science behind batteries and EVs and doesn’t listing sources to confirm the claims. As such, now we have rated this declare as a “Combination.”


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