Avoiding Common Mistakes in Sign Design and Printing

A study says that 76% of consumers said that they entered a store or a business they had not visited before because of a sign.

Signs are a powerful tool that entices and encourages potential customers to avail the product or services you have to offer. This is the reason if you decide on sign printing, you need to make sure you are not making these common mistakes that can harm your business. So, let’s take a look at them.

Making Mistakes with Writing

One of the most common mistakes people make is including incorrect information, spelling errors, and similar typos with custom sign printing. You might not know but your customers will easily notice it. Mistakes with writing on signs show that attention to detail is not one of your strong suits. A customer will not want to do business with a brand or company that cannot even get the sign right.

Moreover, a mistake, such as printing the wrong address or phone number on the signs can cost you your business in the long run. Hence, you need to rely on a professional copywriter or designer to get the job done for you before you send the A frame sign for printing.

Choosing the Wrong Image Resolution

An improper image resolution is a common mistake people make when they are printing signs. This is primarily due to inexperience. The minimum image resolution for your custom A frame signs has to be 300-400 ppi. It will ensure that you are getting the best-looking graphics and images with the items.

Poor Structuring

When you are designing your signs, you will have to plan out the shape and size of everything with the right contrast in mind. Your colors, font choice, and material selection have to complement each other in such a way that the content is legible to the customers while still grabbing attention.

The same principle is applicable to billboards and indoor signs. Don’t have the logo and brand image dominate the signs that you are printing over important details or else prospective customers will get the message you want to send.

Choosing the Wrong File Formats

One of the most important things you need to consider is the file format that you are using for A frame sign printing. Make sure you are avoiding .gif and .png file formats. These are formats that only looks good onscreen. So, they will not look good when translated into the print process. Both formats can handle 72 ppi. However, the ppi has to be much higher when it comes to printing a file.

Wrong Color Choices

In case the colors for your background image, font, and material don’t go well, your business sign can be completely illegible. In simple words, your potential customers won’t have an idea about what you really want to convey. You need to ensure that the background and lettering colors of your words are printed in contrasting colors. Remember, the best thing is to try out various color combinations to learn about the best color pairings prior to having them printed.

Excluding Quiet Borders

Another sign-printing mistake that people often make is not using quiet borders. The borders are quite like buffer zones and they have to be at least 5mm from the document edge. Defined elements, such as no text have to be placed in a quiet border. At times a little space is important to keep the material from appearing crowded.

Adding Too Much Information

You can easily add another statistic, image, or tagline to the sign. But it is harder to delete information. Nevertheless, professional designers of signs know that less is more when it comes to business sign design.

Adding Hard-to-Read Text

Text readability is also crucial to consider when you are printing signs. So, you have to make sure that you are avoiding low contrast background and text. Line spacing is also crucial. Texts with crowded lines can be difficult to read for your customers and might be the reason why your customers are driven away. Thus, hard-to-read fonts can lead to a drop in sales.

Going for Cheap Signs

You have to ensure that the material you are choosing for printing any kind of sign is of top quality. If you don’t, you will have a short-lived and flimsy sign that was not really worth the money. Businesses love saving money. However, a place where you shouldn’t shy away from spending a little extra is where people are going to see how committed to quality. The quality of the sign material and print will reflect on your brand image.

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