Camping in Rishikesh by the Ganga River is an extraordinary experience that gives you an opportunity to explore adventure, wilderness, and religious significance. Settled in the lap of the greater Himalayas. According to Hindu mythology Ganges is one of sacred rivers that is remembered by millions of people as Ganges is reorganized for the goddess of Ganga. It is also a source of life and inspiration for lots of people. The journey to the campsite is an adventure itself. At the time of sunset, it gives you a majestic view with the magical vibes with the sound of flowing river and chirping sound of birds and there is something spread in the air that gives you relaxation. After you approach the campsite, the mesmerizing views of the river within surrounding mountains that are inherent in you and leave with your nature feeling that is unforgettable.


The journey of camping gives you adventure thrills. The camp goes through the scenic landscapes, lush forest, and the quaint villages. You will feel peace in your heart and mind. After reaching the campsite you will be welcome by the local native people and show their hospitality.  There will be an awe-inspiring mountain view surrounded by the Himalayan peaks.

In the night there will be a decent campfire activity and that is something that is liked by everyone in the camp. The campfire will become the heart and soul of the whole day. All the campers together share the stories, laughter and delicious food. This gathering gives you a different kind of feeling, the cherished moments with the newfound campmates will be beautiful. Most importantly the people who love adventure can do river rafting expeditions. For the bird lovers there are activities such as birdwatching or walking near the riverbanks. For the people who come here for spirituality relaxation they can do yoga in the early evening by the riverside. That gives you a peaceful feeling and you will connect yourself with nature. 


The most highlight part of camping near Ganges is Ganga Aarti, which is a ceremony. You will encounter views such as the sound of bells all over, chanting and incense and a priest performing many rituals that are offered to the river. Witnessing all of these is a breathtaking view and an awe- inspiring beauty.

This unforgettable experience on the camping trip is very much fruitful. Enjoying a cuisine that is made by the locals and that add distinct flavor in your trip. The taste of the dishes that are traditionally famous of the destination and eating it with the sound of the river flowing near by you is something that gives you goosebumps. For the people who seek adventure, stargazing is a must for them. Far away from all the city hustle and busy life, the Ganges camping destination offers a clear and mesmerizing sky in the night.  The constellations and celestial bodies seem alive and imagined like tales of the universe, heavens and something related to mystery.

Walking down to the gentle sound of the river Ganges is an experience that is unspoken. The air in the morning gives you a sense of heaven with the hot cup of tea and coffee that is prepared by the campsite staff. The atmosphere gives you an opportunity to explore yourself and introspection. All the small moments while camping give you happiness that is something lost in the busy city life. Camping by the Ganges also provides an opportunity to disconnect you from the digital world because there is limited or no cellular network, you will truly involve yourself in the beauty of nature and connect yourself with the stunning surroundings without any distractions. It’s a way that you live a peaceful life with simplicity and spirituality.


In conclusion camping nearby Ganges River offers you a feeling that is unparalleled experience that will touch your soul and reach to your spirit, it purifies you from inside and leaves you with lasting memories. The combination of adventure, spirituality and natural beauty creates an immense feeling inside that you, all these activities make your trip memorable for lifetime forever. This place is all type people whether they are nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker or a person who is spiritual explorer, camping near the Ganga is a sort of experience that will stay in your memory forever and will hold special place in your heart and mind


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