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Car modifications you can and can’t make in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Some motorists prefer to customise their vehicles and vehicles with little items like bumper stickers and seat covers. Others decide to insert LED lights, window tints, make alterations to the human physique physique and much more.

However there are restrictions on the modifications folks as we speak could make in each situation and all through the state. On this article are a few of the variations which can be banned in Virginia:

Bumper high restrictions/Elevating automotive total physique increased than body rail

Lower than Virginia regulation, bumpers need to carry on being inside simply the number of 14 inches to 22 inches above the bottom if the driving force goals to hold the auto. The array is recognized by measuring any stage on the lower fringe of the primary horizontal bumper bar, excluding bumper guards.

Motorists cannot modify their automobiles to trigger the whole physique or chassis to succeed in the ground, expose the gasoline tank to break from a crash or make the wheels to look in name with the physique when in motion.

Motor automobiles are prohibited from being taller than 13.5 toes and from having entrance increase blocks. Virginia’s bumper top laws for vans — pickups and panel automobiles — are depending on Gross Automotive Extra weight Rating (GVWR).

Automobiles with considerably lower than 4,501 GVWR can have entrance and rear bumpers as superior as 28 inches. These with 4,501-7,500 GVWR can have entrance bumpers at 29 inches and rear bumpers at 30 inches. Vans between 7,501-15,000 GVWR can have a 30-inch tall entrance bumper and 31-inch rear bumper. The naked minimal top for truck bumpers is 14 inches, beneath Virginia code.

Window Tints

Regardless that drivers can tint their auto home windows, there are chosen limits on how significantly and which varieties. Entrance side window tints have to permit round 50% of gentle to cross by the use of and backside and rear residence home windows are wanted to permit in extra of 35% mild to undergo.

Reflective tint cannot mirror far more than 20% however non-reflective tint is permitted on a windshield above the A-1 line from the automotive’s producer. There are sun-shading waivers for people who obtain health-related authorization for one specific.

Sirens and whistles

It’s unlawful for any car to have “any siren or exhaust, compression or spark plug whistle, or horn” that may be utilized as an unauthorized warning, in accordance to Virginia regulation. This excludes automotive horns which can be arrange by the producer that enable drivers to make reasonable warnings.


Vehicles are unable to have mufflers to make the exhaust methods louder. Virginia bans autos with mufflers devoid of inside baffle plates, gutted mufflers, muffler cutouts or a straight exhaust. Localities do have municipal noise ordinances so there are discrepancies on audio degree restrictions counting on precisely the place you’re driving.


Motorists cannot knowingly work a automotive or truck “any regrooved or recut tire until in fact that tire (i) meets or exceeds necessities based by the Tradition of Automotive Engineers, the American Countrywide Expectations Institute, Inc., or the federal Division of Transportation and (ii) is marked in accordance with folks specs,” beneath Virginia regulation. People who violate the rule can facial space a Class 1 misdemeanor cost.


Entrance fog lamps on vehicles and vehicles are wanted to be apparent or amber and tail lamps must be purple. Including numerous coloration lights, flashing or rotating lights just isn’t permitted.

Motorists will not be licensed so as to add blue and pink lamps primarily as a result of they’re solely permitted for Part of Corrections motor automobiles and no further than 4 lights will be on at as quickly as.

Unapproved gear

Motor automobiles merely can’t have any warning gadget, signal product, lights system, security glass or another instruments that calls for acceptance. There are fairly just a few different merchandise which can be banned on most vehicles and vehicles in Virginia:

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