Composite Mathematics for Class 7: Master the Basics

Maths helps students build a disciplined life, encouraging their natural sense of reasoning and problem-solving. Furthermore, mathematical knowledge plays a vital role in helping students understand the basics of other subjects at school.

The Composite Mathematics for Class 7 (NEP 2020) help middle school students learn about the basics of maths, abiding by the latest curriculum of State Education Boards and CBSE. The book works as a perfect reference guide for the students of class 7, helping them with all the essential topics in mathematics.

About Composite Mathematics Class 7 (NEP 2020)

S. Chand Publishing House published Composite Mathematics Class 7 (NEP 2020). The names of this book’s authors are Anubhuti Gangal and S.K Gupta. There are 15 chapters covered in total in this book.

This book also includes chapter-wise examples and exercises which make it easy for students to self-learn individual concepts and score their best. Practise questions in this book can help students understand and apply the concepts effectively.

Why Choose Composite Mathematics Class 7?

Here is a detailed explanation of why you should buy Composite Mathematics Class 7 (NEP 2020).

Chapter Wise Exercises

To help you score the best, the book has multiple chapter-specific exercises after each topic. The exercises have a plethora of questions for you to practice, including HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) and (MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). There are also wrap-up assessments after each chapter.

Step-by-Step Solutions

Each chapter in the book comes with clear examples and step-by-step solutions backed by simple-to-understand illustrations. For a student of class 7, all of these come quite handy, facilitating easy learning.

Concepts Covered in Composite Mathematics Class 7

The book covers several essential concepts of mathematics, including:


A collection of negative, whole numbers and zero can be termed integers.


Fractions can be a part of a whole, comprising a numerator and a denominator.


Decimals are usually divided into multiple types, real numbers, rational numbers, whole numbers and natural numbers.

Algebraic Expressions

Learning algebraic expressions is essential for students to ace their skills in Maths. This can help them with computational engagements later in life. Chapter-specific examples in the book help students indulge in daily practice sessions and evaluate proceedings.


This book has simple examples elaborated in layman’s language. Studying the perimeter concept from the book will help students easily understand the various shapes and sizes.


Once you understand the concept of “how to calculate an area”, use the after-chapter exercises to evaluate your learning of the topic.


It is the information about the likelihood of something happening. Studying probability from step-by-step illustrations of the Composite Mathematics Class 7 book can help enhance students’ learning.


Learn and execute how to collect and use data with the diagrammatical explanations mentioned in the book.


The Composite Mathematics for Class 7 is easy to understand and is available in a paperback variant. It is written as per the latest syllabus of CBSE and other State Boards, making it easy for the students to learn different maths concepts and score their best.

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