Cross-Border Shipping Made Easy: The Process and Key Considerations

Cross-border shipping involves shipping goods from one country to another. For online sellers from India keen on exporting their products, it is crucial to understand the procedures and key considerations of international shipping. While this might initially seem complex and challenging, getting well-acquainted with the overall process can be highly rewarding. It can help online selling businesses grow exponentially in global markets and amass a massive customer base.

Important Considerations for Cross-Border Shipping

Before delving deeper into the procedures and best practices for international shipping, enlist these basic considerations as a prerequisite. Laying the groundwork systematically will ensure you always remain proactive and on the right track.

  1. Type of product for cross-border shipping– Fragile or perishable goods incur higher shipping charges than conventional products.
  2. Weight and specifications of the product– The larger and bulkier the product, the greater will be its shipping expenses. 
  3. Import duties/taxes in the destination country– As an online seller from India, you need to be well aware of the latest import duties and taxes in each destination country where you want to export your products.
  4. Cross-border shipping methods– During the eBay seller registration process, there are ample resources and training modules on the different shipping methods, their relative safety, SOPs, pricing, etc.
  5. Customs clearance in the destination country– You should be aware of the average span of customs clearance. Based on the country’s regulations, this can take several days or weeks.
  6. Provisions for warranty and returns– If the goods get damaged in transit, you need to have a transparent and safe warranty/returns policy.

Streamlining the Process of Cross-Border Shipping

To ensure hassle-free international shipping, online sellers from India can follow these best practices:

  1. Choosing a Credible Cross-Border Shipping Partner– With eBay seller registration and eBay Global Shipping (EGS), sellers can gain access to reputed international shipping service providers through a single window. Not only does EGS have a vast distribution network, but it also provides competitive pricing, seller protection, and dedicated support.
  2. Extensively Researching Import Regulations for Compliance– Every country has a distinct set of legal compliances for packaging, labelling, and documentation. These also differ based on the product category. Before you list your products for international sales, you should be aware of the regulatory framework of all the destination countries. 
  3. Familiarisation with Custom Forms and Documentation– To avoid customs hassles or penalties, online sellers should have a detailed awareness of the required paperwork and implement the same effectively. Ideally, a reliable shipping/logistics provider with experience in exporting to a particular country should be consulted.
  4. Obtaining International Shipping Insurance– During eBay seller registration, you get to join the platform’s robust seller community and gain vital information from seller forums. One of the first things you are advised when enrolling for the Global Expansion Program is to get cross-border shipping insurance. This ensures financial protection in case of theft, loss, or damage during transit.
  5. Ensuring Meticulous Packaging and Labelling– The rigours of international transit are far higher as compared to domestic transportation. Therefore, the packaging materials, padding, protective covers, and labels should be top-notch. 
  6. Ease of Tracking and Prompt Customer Support– Your international shipping partner should enable hassle-free tracking of all consignments so your customers are assured of their order and delivery status. 
  7. Lucid Communication on Duties and Taxes– Ensuring transparency and forthright communication on the customs duties and taxes to be incurred by the customers is a must.


The demand for Indian products overseas is already sizeable and rapidly growing. By registering with a seller-friendly platform that facilitates export, sellers from India can make enormous profits. eBay India is the best platform for online selling businesses to scale internationally. Being an online selling and export-oriented platform, eBay doesn’t provide shipping services but provides ample resources for registered sellers to be well-versed in cross-border shipping and liaise with the right international shipping provider.

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