Exploring Indian Kindergarten in Singapore: A Closer Look At Montessori Years

Wondering what it’s like at a Private School in Singapore or a Montessori Kindergarten? Look no further! This article is your guide to understanding the basics of Montessori kindergarten and the unique features of Private school in Singapore. We’ll also compare these approaches to traditional kindergartens, giving you a clear picture of the educational choices available for your child.

Why Early Years Matter (Newborn to Age Five) 

The early years of a child’s life are incredibly important for their future growth and development. From the moment they’re born until they turn five, a child’s brain is remarkably active, forming over a million neural connections every second. This phase is super crucial, as it’s when their brain is at its prime for soaking up new information from the world around them.

During this stage, around 90% of a child’s brain takes shape, making it a period of intense learning and sensitivity to their surroundings. Once these first five years pass, the brain becomes less adaptable, and it gets harder to influence how they learn.

Given this, making the right choice for your child’s learning environment before they turn five becomes a big deal. You’ll want an approach that sets a sturdy foundation, guides them, and nurtures their learning journey. And guess what? Montessori kindergarten is designed precisely for that purpose.

So, let’s delve into the world of Montessori kindergarten and see what sets it apart.

What Is Montessori Kindergarten?

Montessori schools follow the ideas of Maria Montessori, a smart thinker and originator of the Montessori education system. They believe kids love to learn on their own, and with a bit of help from teachers, they can grow and learn a lot. In Montessori kindergartens, kids of different ages learn together, usually from around 2 ½ to 5 years old. Here, teachers help kids learn, but they aren’t the only ones who teach. Kids also learn from each other and this makes learning all by themselves and with friends fun and exciting!

Indian Kindergarten in Singapore thinks kids should take the lead in learning. When kids get to decide what they want to learn, it becomes an exciting journey for them! This helps their thinking skills grow because kids are always curious about things.

As there’s no hurry here, teachers watch closely and see when each kid is ready for new things. This way, learning feels just right for every child.

Discovering Montessori Learning Areas: What Kids Do

Montessori learning is like a super adventure with five special areas:

  • Practical Life: Kids learn to do things like dressing up, cleaning, putting on jackets, and washing hands. These everyday tasks make them independent!
  • Language Fun: Kids have a blast with reading and writing. They play fun games to get ready for reading and also learn to write.
  • Math Magic: Kids use cool things like tiny golden beads to learn maths. They figure out things like adding, subtracting, and more with hands-on learning techniques.
  • Amazing Cultures: Kids learn where they come from and about different cultures. They even learn about other countries’ music, food, and dance – it’s like a journey around the world!
  • Sensational Senses: In Montessori, learning isn’t just with eyes. Kids use all their senses – they look, touch, smell, and even taste stuff. In regular school, it’s mainly about watching, but here, it’s all about using everything you’ve got!

Montessori Classrooms

In a Montessori classroom, the way of learning is outstanding! They use things like puzzles, blocks, and golden beads that you can touch and play with to learn. But guess what’s even cooler? The classroom itself! It’s like a wonderland of learning.

Inside, you’ll find a special kitchen space for fun cooking lessons, a cool art area where you can get crafty, and a cosy spot for reading. And guess what? In this classroom, it’s not like sitting at one big desk all day. Kids can pick their work materials from these cool spots and take them to small tables or even comfy mats on the floor. That’s where the real magic happens – you get to practise and learn by yourself, with your friends, and in a fun evoking space!

What Does a Private School In Singapore Look Like?

Montessori classrooms are like fun adventure zones! Here’s what you’ll spot:

  • Yummy Eating Area: A place where you can munch and even make your snacks – how awesome is that?
  • Move and Learn: You’re free to move around and pick where you want to work. You can choose tables, comfy cushions, or even open floors to enjoy your fun activities.
  • Lots of Spots: There are different spots for you to do your work. It could be tables, cosy cushions, or open floors – pick your favourite!
  • Just Your Size: Everything is made for kids like you. Sinks, counters, and furniture – it’s all at your height and anthropomterically feasible for children.
  • Simple and Neat: The classroom is tidy and kept simple, with everything in its place. Everything is there for a reason – to help you learn better!
  • Super Important: These classrooms, also called learning places, are a huge deal in Montessori. They make learning fun and exciting – just like a big adventure!

Fun Activities in Indian Kindergarten in Singapore

Montessori kindergartens are full of exciting things to do! Kids can move around the classroom and explore in a big way. They’re in charge of their learning – Isn’t that amazing? Using hands is important in Montessori. Kids do activities that need their hands, and it helps them grow in many ways – their body, feelings, and even their brains!

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Here are some cool things kids do in Montessori kindergarten:

  • Getting Clean: Kids practise washing and cleaning – like washing their hands or help with cleaning windows. It’s fun, educational and helpful!
  • Sorting Fun: They sort things by colour or size. They group things that’s the same colour or size – it’s like an engaging puzzle to solve!
  • Getting Ready: Kids learn to do important things like brushing their hair, going to the restroom, and even buttoning or zipping up clothes.
  • Yummy Cooking: They even learn to prepare and serve food – like little chefs!
  • Crafty Stuff: Using materials like scissors, glue, and staplers to make cool crafts and explore their creative minds..
  • Learning Letters: Kids learn about letters by matching them with small things, playing letter games, and even making word walls.
  • Science Time: They learn some amazing science things, like what plants are made of, sorting living and non-living things, and even looking for animals.
  • Number Play: Kids have fun with numbers by playing memory games, counting with special wooden rods, and more.

Doing these activities helps kids get ready for the next step in their learning adventure.

Montessori v/s Traditional Kindergarten

Montessori Kindergarten and Traditional Kindergarten are quite different in how they work. Check out this table to see the differences between them:

Parameter Montessori Kindergarten Traditional Kindergarten
Mode of Learning Kids lead the way and learn on their own, as the teachers encourage self-learning. Teachers lead the way, telling kids what to learn and when.
Curriculum The curriculum has some rules, but there’s room to change it to match each kid’s way of learning. Everyone follows the same plan, without any customizations.
Age Kids of different ages learn together. Kids of the same age are in the same class. They move to new classes each year.
Teaching Techniques Kids learn while having fun using things that they can touch and play with, making learning enjoyable. Lots of workbooks and worksheets. Not as much hands-on learning experience..

Wrapping Up

Choosing to invest in a Private School In Singapore is a decision that lays a remarkable foundation and tremendous impact on your child’s future. It’s not just about schooling; it’s about empowering your child to thrive in a competitive world. Remember that investing in a Montessori Kindergarten is an investment in nurturing a well-rounded, confident, and innovative individual who will flourish in all aspects of life.

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