5 Potions We’d Love To Make In A Hogwarts Legacy Sequel

In Hogwarts Legacy, potions have a lot of uses, but players want to see more kinds of potions in a follow-up game.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can make a number of magical potions, such as the defense Edarus potion, which turns the player character’s skin into rocky armor, and the healing Wiggenweld potion, which is very important. But in the Harry Potter series, there are a lot of other potions that Hogwarts Legacy could show in a possible spinoff. Overall, the open-world RPG game Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have a huge number of potions that players can make or buy from J.Pippins Potions, so there is plenty of room for more choices.

Thunderbrew, which makes a storm that protects the player, is one of the best potions in Hogwarts Legacy. But there are some well-known Harry Potter spells in the game that are only used in cut scenes or aren’t there at all. Because there are only so many potions, there is a lot of room for new ones to show up in a possible Hogwarts Legacy sequel. Some of these new potions might be better than others.

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