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How Many Miles Can a Lexus ES 350 Final?

Generally, any automotive that may final near 200,000 miles is taken into account a fantastic car. The likes of Toyota and Honda often maintain this benchmark. Nevertheless, Lexus is the posh division of Toyota, which means they’re notoriously long-lasting as properly. With many Lexus automobiles on the used market, you can begin to see a sample of well-loved, high-mileage examples, together with the Lexus ES 350.

iSeeCars launched a examine the place they gathered the mileage on every car class to listing all potential lifespans. Coming in at quantity 8 on their listing is the Lexus ES 350. With a life expectancy of simply over 200,000 miles, it’s secure to say that the ES 350 is a wonderful selection for a single-car resolution. However what makes the ES 350 so dependable?

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