How to choose the right parts for a custom gaming PC?

Building your dream PC in which you will be able to play games with high graphics and do all your productivity work seems a daunting task. But here’s the thing, it’s exciting and simple.

There are many retail stores that build the gaming PC according to your budget. But here in this blog, we will talk about what specs you can choose according to your budget and your needs.

Unlike buying consoles, PC users have more freedom to customize and upgrade their PC whatever their needs and wants are. Because we can upgrade every single part of a PC. You can buy cool keyboards and a mouse from Digidirect because they sell a lot of electronic equipment, and by applying the Digidirect promo code you can keep your budget happy!

Most people think that buying a custom PC is very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be because most of the games have graphical settings that you can set according to your hardware specs and the coolest benefit of a PC is that you can keep upgrading it a little by little when you save money while using it.

You can start with prebuilt models:

If you are buying a PC for gaming the first time and you have a small budget, buying a prebuilt model is a great option. There are a lot of cool and advanced performance models from HP, Dell and many other manufacturers.

You can add more parts and replace the current parts such as replacing the processor with the higher one, and adding your choice of graphics card in fact when I went to buy a PC for my heavy needs and light gaming. I bought a desktop model from HP brand and added all the other components according to my needs.

Most retailers sell used components of PC which is another good decision when you are on budget. You can buy expensive components for little prices when you buy a used one.

In this way, you can get more high specs on a budget. Of course, you can upgrade and resell them later.

Start with the GPU:

I know GPU isn’t the first component you need in a computer. But when you know what graphics card you can buy for the games or software you want to run then you can build your PC according to the graphics card you are buying.

Suppose you want a 4GB card graphics card to play games till 2018 and more such as Red Dead Redemption 2 then you can buy the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or Intel Core i5 processor. By deciding what GPU is good for your budget and needs you can buy other components which work well with that graphic card.

Then choose the processor/CPU:

Now let’s jump into the processor part. As we discussed, you can then buy the processor according to what GPU fits your budget. If you want your PC to handle multitasking work as well as heavy gaming, then you can buy processors with more cores.

A motherboard that can support your CPU and GPU:

The motherboard is like the middleman which keeps every component of the computer connected. There are many motherboards with more features such as built-in Bluetooth and more.

But here’s something, you should buy the motherboard which supports the CPU and GPU you have decided to buy, you no need to buy a super advanced one.

The PC Case, fans and power supply:

As I said before, when I was buying the PC, the retailer offered me a used box from a pre-built PC model by HP. This is a cheap option for your budget because you get the motherboard as well as the PC case.

If your retailer has a prebuilt model box with an embedded motherboard, then you should buy that. Otherwise, there are many other good-quality custom PC cases available.

But here’s the big advantage of buying pre-built PC boxes, they have built-in fans and power supply already installed in them.

Unless you have a rock-solid budget, you shouldn’t go for a stylish casing with RGB. The more you can buy simple and cheap casing the more you will be able to spend more on other necessary components of PC.

Storage for your games and software:

For storage, you can buy at least 1 TB hard drive if you want more games, but you must buy a small size SSD for installing your operating system. Because SSDs are faster than Hard Drives and have a very longer life.

But Hard Drives don’t have a longer lifespan and they are slower than SSDs. If you have a budget, then you can buy SSDs with more storage such as 1TB so you will be rest assured about performance and storage space.


Now Ram is another main hero of the computer’s performance. You should buy at least 8GB of ram for your computer, as it is necessary for good performance. Again, it completely depends on your needs and budget.

Keyboard and Mouse:

Lastly, the mechanical keyboard and mouse should be simple because you want to save money on other components. Although if you have more bucks in your budget even after buying all components of your PC. Sure, you can buy some stylish or expensive ones.


Hope you’ve got a general idea of how you can buy a custom-built PC and spend the money on the components you should be spending on such as processor, ram and graphics card.  If you are buying every part separately then you can see tutorials on how to install the parts. Good luck on your PC building journey!

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