How Wind Damages Your Roof?

The roof of your home protects the dwelling space and allows you to live a cozy life with your family. However, in this process, it takes a lot and bears the brunt of nature. Major damage possible to your roof is from gusty strong winds. You could believe that a hurricane or tornado can cause intense damage to your roof. Yes, surely they can cause considerable damage, but it need not go that far. Even gusty strong winds can cause significant damage to the roof that is covering your dwelling space.

How strong a wind must be to damage my roof? If you put forward this question to any roofer, the general answer could be that you visit our website. In this age of digital penetration roofing companies have uploaded websites, which provide technical inputs on a range of roofing matters. Let us now discuss in detail, the damages feasible to your roof from gusty winds.

Understand how wind speeds can harm your roof:

Here is a comprehensive guide on how specific wind speeds can cause some damage to the roof that covers your home. You need to stay alert as wind speed crosses the 40-45 mph mark. Let us now discuss the fine print in detail.

  • For a wind speed in the range of 30 to 40 mph, the whole tree could move, but nothing more should happen. It may look threatening for the roof, but nothing should happen.
  • As the wind speed increases to the range of 40-45 mph, it gives the first sound of impending danger. The twigs and small branches can fall on your roof.
  • If the wind speed reached the zone of 45-55 mph, it could lead to larger branches falling on your roof. This could be a cause of concern as it may lead to slight structural damage.
  • If your area faces a wind speed in the range of 55-65 mph, the damage to your roof structure could be moderate. In this case, you might have to deal with blown-away shingles too.
  • If the wind speed crosses, the 65 mph mark, it will have a substantial impact on your roof. You might have to deal with a whole tree falling on your roof and other forms of severe damage.

What is roof damage possible after strong winds?

Your roof may suffer from multiple damages after strong winds have blown over your area. Here is what can happen to your roof in the aftermath of gusty winds blowing through your area.

  • You may have to deal with a leaky roof for multiple reasons. Simply the shingles blowing away will create gaps in the roof and lead to leaks on rainy days. Can you see daylight as you look up at the roof? This is an indication that you are dealing with a leaky roof.
  • The shingles will have to bear the brunt of strong winds. There has been mention earlier about missing shingles leading to leaky roofs. At times, the shingles may only curl, and that too needs to be addressed. The curling happens around edges or corners and could lead to minor leaks. They too need to be replaced.
  • You could be faced with a blocked gutter in the aftermath of strong winds. The leaves and branches of trees falling on your roof should accumulate on the gutter and block it. This will prevent smooth water flow from the roof away from the building. This could also lead to leaks from the roof.

What should you do after gusty winds have blown over your area?

It is always better to get a professional inspection done on the roof after gusty winds have passed your area. A professional roofing team will identify the damages and execute the repair work flawlessly.

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