IPLCinema – The All-Time Greatest Catches in IPL History

An incredible catch can make or break a match, but only those with agility and awareness can pull it off successfully – as was demonstrated when Chris Lynn took an unbelievable catch against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Enjoy exhilarating LIVE Today IPL match cricket action today on!

Cricket Country was taken aback when some astounding catches shocked commentators and spectators. We dug deep into our archives and discovered several such astonishing catches which stun spectators at every match.

1. David Hussey’s Boundary Rope Catch

Cricket games are often decided by single, spectacular fielding feats. From diving catches and one-handed stunners to spectacular dive catches and one-handed stunners, certain catches take your breath away with their sheer brilliance – which certainly includes David Hussey’s boundary rope catch in IPL 2017. Amongst all his incredible catches in IPL history, his catch stands out.

Paul Collingwood smashed an attempt towards long-on against the Kolkata Knight Riders during their match in 2010. As Hussey flew into deep square leg to attempt a six hit, Hussey pulled off an unbelievable juggling act: backpedalling to grab hold of it while it was still flying overhead before flipping it back over the boundary while in midair!

Hussey’s incredible catch was all the more remarkable for its timing in an important point in the match. England batsman Ian Bell had earlier reached 50 and appeared set for 100; Hussey’s miraculous achievement brought that hope crashing down quickly.

Former Australian wicket-keeper Ben Crocker undoubtedly outdid himself with his impeccable juggling effort, knowing exactly when and how to release, throw back in midair, jump back into play and take catch – it all happened flawlessly.

Hussey’s magnificent effort was an inspiring display that showed just how accomplished he was at playing baseball, showing both athleticism and great fielding skills that distinguished him as such an exceptional fielder.

2. AB de Villiers Screamer

AB de Villiers stands out as an exceptional batsmen in cricket history. Not content to rest on his lazily impressive virtuosity or Brian Lara-style backlift, de Villiers approaches the willow with the mindset of an aggressive warrior and pushes its boundaries by constantly reinventing what batting means in ways more closely aligned to hockey and tennis than traditional cricket batting styles.Flick through the news, car analysis, cricket coverage, destination features and financial guides in your Pioneer EPaper over breakfast. Start your day the informed way!

De Villiers’ unique approach to cricket makes him such an engaging player to watch. While some may perceive his batting style as being unpredictable or reckless, his dedication and passion for the sport show in how he pushes beyond traditional boundaries of what’s possible within sport itself – this relentless search for excellence allowing him to transcend his traditional role of batsman and become an all-around sporting genius.

On the field, de Villiers is one of the most entertaining players ever to take to a cricket pitch. A natural leader who seeks to leave his mark on any team he joins, whether through fiery openers or as an influential middle-order batsman. Furthermore, de Villiers boasts impressive range of skills and athleticism which allow him to excel in all areas of cricket – be it batting or fielding!

Last night, de Villiers demonstrated once more why he is truly special with an incredible one-handed catch for Royal Challengers Bangalore against Sunrisers Hyderabad. While playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore against Sunrisers Hyderabad, de Villiers caught Alex Hales with one hand using an incredible one-handed pluck that left everyone speechless – it truly confirms de Villiers is from another planet!

This catch is reminiscent of another spectacular feat performed by South Africans during this same match: in 2009, Jacques Rudolph pulled off an astounding diving catch off the ropes to deny Faf du Plessis a double century score and become an instant legend of South African cricket history – as well as helping Rudolph secure one of his place among history’s great wicket-keeper-batsmen.

3. Kieron Pollard’s One-Handed Diving Catch

Kieron Pollard’s catch against Australia was an exquisite display of his outstanding fielding ability. The West Indian is widely respected for his batting, bowling and fielding prowess but one particular catch against Kevon Cooper where he dived incredible depths to catch it with just his right hand was truly unforgettable.

Cooper was well on his way to scoring when the ball flew towards the ropes, but Pollard had other plans. Standing by the boundary, the Mumbai Indians captain leapt high into the air and spun his body around to take an amazing one-handed diving catch – an action which left Cooper gasping for air!

Fans and commentators were thrilled by this catch, which remains one of the greatest IPL catches of all time. Catches can make or break matches; this one was certainly no exception.

Pollard repeated this feat against Royal Challengers a year later. Spotting an innocuous short delivery from Australian fast bowler Andrew Flintoff, Pollard dived full length for a one-handed catch that will live long in memory. A truly memorable performance by this Mumbai Indians batsman.

Pollard demonstrated his exceptional fielding skills by leaping high into the air to take an impressive one-handed catch at long on during IPL 10. Cricket fans applauded wildly as this incredible catch is considered one of the greatest catches ever taken in IPL history.

Chris Lynn displays incredible athleticism with this incredible catch, showing us just why we rely on cricketers so heavily. After AB de Villiers hit hard from midwicket towards the boundary and with fielders losing their footing chasing him it appeared that de Villiers would go over for four runs – but Lynn leapt straight into the air, arched his back, twisted himself away from the rope, twisted himself again to catch it and take a sensational catch!

4. Chris Lynn’s Boundary Rope Catch

“Very few moments in cricket rival the thrill of witnessing an unbelievable catch from a fielder. Cricket history is filled with stunning catches that defy gravity and leave fans completely speechless; many have changed the course of a match instantly – such as Chris Lynn’s boundary rope catch for Kolkata Knight Riders against AB de Villiers back in 2014. Widely considered one of the greatest ever taken, Chris Lynn remains widely celebrated today for this outstanding feat; here’s a frame-by-frame analysis of Chris Lynn’s spectacular catch.

As soon as Johan Botha lofted the ball towards long-off, Lynn was perfectly poised for it. Though its trajectory meant the catch wouldn’t be easy, with it heading for the boundary; nonetheless, his presence of mind allowed him to perform an extraordinary feat that will go down in history as one of its finest feats ever accomplished.

As the ball fell inches short of the boundary line, this amazing recovery left fans speechless at what can only be described as extraordinary skill displayed by an ex-RCB batsman. Fans were in awe as this extraordinary act displayed remarkable resilience by him.

Lynn’s impressive catch gave KKR some much-needed momentum and they went on to win their match against RCB. Before then, however, it had appeared like RCB were headed in their direction of victory; his catch completely altered its course and altered everything about this matchup.

This truly incredible catch will live long in the memory of cricket fans around the world. An astonishing display of athleticism and lightning-fast reflexes, it quickly became one of the most celebrated catches in IPL history.

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