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Top Benefits of Moog 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly: Why should you Consider this Upgrade?

Do you want to have a discussion on the benefits of Moog 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly? Then you should definitely go through these amazing and fantastic benefits that we are going to discuss in a while.

You might be thinking why you should upgrade your current wheel bearing and hub assembly. Let me tell you, why? This necessary component ensures your vehicle’s functioning and excellent handling.

I know you would never compromise on the quality and you won’t ignore this essential component of your vehicle. Let’s move further and discuss the fantastic benefits of the Moog 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly.

moog 515036 wheel bearing and hub assembly

Benefits of Moog 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

When it comes to benefits, Moog’s wheel bearing is an ideal option. It offers a smooth handling as well as increased performance. And DON’T YOU DARE to talk about its superb quality. It is made up of high-quality materials that provides additional performance and handling.

What separates the Moog 515036? To begin with, this top-of-the-line hub assembly is manufactured from just the best components, ensuring that it can withstand even the most demanding driving circumstances. The Moog 515036 is made to withstand rough off-roading and city driving.

Furthermore, this hub assembly is designed to resist years of use and abuse without displaying any indications of wear. This is related to durability and strength. No matter how hard you drive your car, you can count on it to perform at its peak.

But the Moog 515036’s durability may be its best feature. This hub assembly will keep your car operating smoothly for years to come because of its top-notch workmanship. You will appreciate all the Moog 515036’s features whether you drive a car every day or maybe occasionally.

Why then wait? Experience the outstanding quality, dependability, and lifespan that the Moog 515036 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly has to offer by upgrading your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 today.

Ease of Installation

Are you in for a treat today! We are discussing the very best advantages of the Moog wheel bearing and hub assembly! We’re not lying when we say you won’t want to pass on this upgrade!

So let’s get started straight away, shall we? The simplicity of installation for the Moog 515036 wheel bearing and hub assembly is one of its best features. When improving your vehicle, we know you want to put as little time and effort as possible into it as possible.

Installing it is so easy that you can complete it on your own without assistance from an expert. That’s right, suited for do-it-yourself installs. This assembly will take care of all your repairs without costing a fortune.

Don’t believe us?

Let us walk you through the installation steps – they’re that easy!

  • Remove the wheel.
  • Unbolt the old assembly and remove it.
  • Put the new assembly in place and bolt it.
  • Re-attach the wheel.

Ta-da! Your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is now upgraded with the Moog 515036 wheel bearing and hub assembly!

Improved Vehicle Performance

Oh boy, oh boy, I am super excited to tell you about the performance after installation of this Wheel Bearing. Well, hold on your excitement, because you’re about to find out why you need to consider this upgrade!

Let’s start by discussing enhanced vehicle performance. With the Moog 515036, your daily drive will feel like a joyride because to its slick and silent operation.

You won’t experience grating friction or vibrations. Instead, you’ll have a quieter, smoother ride that will give your passengers the impression that they are floating on clouds.

But there’s more! The Moog 515036 also improves control and handling, so you’ll be able to navigate bends like an expert. The Moog 515036 will ensure that your ride is as smooth as butter whether you’re riding down a twisting mountain road or zooming across narrow city streets.

Cost-effective Solution

Tired of having to fix or replace your wheel hubs and bearings on a regular basis? The Moog 515036 wheel bearing and hub assembly is the only option.

This improvement lowers the expense of maintaining your car in addition to being cost-effective. No more throwing money away on recurring maintenance and replacements. The Moog 515036 is made to last and does away with additional costs.

Sure, it saves money over the long run, but is the initial expenditure worthwhile? We concur! It is impossible to ignore the excellent value for your money. You may rest easy knowing that you have a dependable and long-lasting wheel bearing and hub assembly with the Moog.

Upgrade your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with the Moog 515036 wheel bearing and hub assembly and start saving money today!


We highly recommend giving Moog a try if you’re seeking for a dependable improvement to your wheel bearing and hub assembly. You can also check the moog wheel bearings review section for your satisfaction.

And what better place to buy than AutoBuffy? As a reputable online auto parts retailer, autobuffy carries a large range of Moog products, including the 515036 and the 515177 models for various vehicles. You’ll be cruising in no time thanks to their quick shipping and simple purchase process.

Of course, updating your wheel bearing and hub assembly is only one aspect of vehicle maintenance. It’s also critical to keep up with routine maintenance jobs like oil changes, tyre rotations and brake inspections. By taking care of your car, you will not only extend its life but also your own.


How long does it take to replace a wheel bearing and hub assembly?

Depending on your degree of experience and availability to the necessary equipment, replacing a Moog Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly normally takes 2-3 hours.

How often should you change your hub assembly?

In general, replace your hub assembly every 100,000 miles or as needed based on indicators of wear and tear.

What parts do you need to replace a wheel bearing?

A new wheel bearing, hub assembly, and other instruments such as a torque wrench, socket set, and possibly a hydraulic press are required to replace a wheel bearing.

How do I know if my wheel bearing hub assembly is bad?

If you hear or feel weird noises or vibrations coming from your wheels, or if your steering seems loose or unstable, your Moog Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly may need to be changed. To diagnose any problems with your vehicle’s wheel, always consult a professional.

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