Must-Know Features That Make a Great Mobile Event App

There are many events being hosted all over the world that serve different purposes. There are constantly new additions in the technology for events that help to improve the experience. No matter what type of event you are hosting, there can be a customized or individual event app for each one. They have become so popular among the organizers that now each and every event is using them. All this is because of the great benefits they can provide such as wider reach, improved management, increased engagement, and more. Mobile event app provides great flexibility and scalability for events to host and for the attendees. They work as a single platform to access each and every event’s information, data, and analytics.

In this blog, we will look into the must-have features of a mobile event app that can help in hosting a successful event.

Targeted Push Notifications

Using push notifications is the best way to engage your attendees with the event. You can send out important information to them in an instant. This way you can keep them engaged with each and every event detail, whether it is about event registration and ticketing or if there is a change in the schedule. This is one of the greatest features of the app that can be used and leveraged. You can even segment your audience and pass on specific information based on the groups and their types.

Personalized Agenda

With the use of an event app, there is no need for you to print the event agenda. This increases the cost of your event and nowadays, attendees want more than a basic agenda. Using the app can ensure that it is available to them offline with rich data on each and every information. Such as speakers, locations, booths, presentations, and more. Making the agenda interactive can help the guest to chat, ask questions, etc. and you should be able to integrate the live-streaming sessions.

Networking and Matchmaking

With speed networking features and matchmaking, attendees can interact with each other based on their similarities and strengthen their networking opportunities. With the help of the event app’s features, they can interact with one-on-one short virtual meetings. Which is a great way to create a lasting relationship for their business or other needs.

Social Wall Feature

Having a social wall inside the virtual space of the app can help the attendees and the hosts share event-related information, content, and posts. This data is accessible to the attendees where they can interact, it works as a social network that can support different content formats.

Works Offline or With Low Connectivity

One of the most important features to include in the event app is the ability to work offline or with low connectivity. This can improve the attendee experience and can create a great impression on them. Since many of them can face difficulties with connectivity, the offline functionality of the app can give them access to all the event information.


Having engaging features in the app can be of great advantage, which can help to keep the attendees interactive throughout the event. There are multiple features to facilitate engagement such as polls, surveys, games, Q&A, and more. Using these features of the event app can help in keeping them engaged before the start of the event. They can also help boost the ROI of the event and encourage them to stay interactive, incentivized, and participative throughout the event. Since it will also be working as an event ticketing platform, you can include some creative ideas inside the app. Such as hosting giveaways, prizes, free tickets, and more.

Help Desk and Chatbots

Your app should be able to provide proper help to the audience, even though virtual tutorials are helpful, having a help desk or a chatbot is necessary. They are an effective way to increase the conversion and reduce the bounce rate. Because the attendees can face difficulties with anything from event registration and ticketing to navigating through the app. Having suitable support can help in resolving any issue that is faced by the audience.

On-Demand Content

There is a possibility that a few or many of the attendees were not able to attend the event due to any reason. So the mobile event app should be capable enough to provide the benefit of giving them on-demand video content. Through this, you can make it easier for them to access the event and also create a great impression, this can also help in generating extra revenue.


Using an event app is surely beneficial for hosting any kind of event. There are many great advantages that can be obtained from using them such as streamlined event management, data tracking, event registration and ticketing, and more. But before you start using them there are some important features that should be available in the app. So that you can host efficiently and enhance the experience for both the organizers and attendees.

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