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Paint Protection Film

All car owners always want their cars to look shiny as long as they use them. That’s why they will feel very disturbed if their car has scratches or dullness due to various problems such as crashes or other conditions.

Taking care of this problem that often irritates car owners, DB Grounds is here as a solution to protect car paint so that it still looks shiny like a new car.

DB Grounds has a car paint protection product called Paint Protection Film (PPF). This product innovation was created as a solution for vehicle paint protection. PPF is made of thermoplastic urethane, which can protect vehicle paint from sharp object scratches, gravel scratches, and color fading due to ultraviolet, mildew to abrasion.

With the application of PPF, it will make thin scratches on the surface of the body that has been coated will disappear immediately after being exposed to the hot sun when parking or while walking.

In addition, DB Grounds has the best window tinting products. Window tinting is a layer installed on the car glass, so the glass color is not 100% clear. Thus, less light enters the cabin, making the cabin atmosphere cooler.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of car window tinting. Let me explain the benefits of this approach for your car. Read on to learn more.

  1. UV Protection

Sunlight is a type of electromagnetic radiation. Long-term UV exposure can cause sunburn and signs of aging. At the same time, UV rays can cause various types of skin cancer.

Painting car windows can help prevent skin damage from UV rays. The good news is that tinted windows can block almost all UV rays. So you can stay safe in your car even if you drive for hours daily.

  1. Protection in the event of an accident

No one wants to be in a car accident, but sad things like this happen every day. Broken glasses are one of the most common causes of injury in these accidents. Car windshields tend to break when hit by a hard object.

Therefore, you can see the effect by coloring the car’s windshield. A thin layer of glass prevents the windshield from shattering. So you can be sure in the event of a traffic accident.

  1. Protective Coating

In addition to damaging your skin, the sun’s UV rays can harm other objects in your car. For example, furniture items tend to fade over time.

If your car has recently been modified, it’s a good idea to have your windows tinted to protect your new seat.

  1. Sun Heat Protection

The sun produces sunlight. Also, sunlight can generate a lot of heat in your car on a hot summer day. Therefore, you will use the air conditioner more often. As a result, the performance of the car decreases, and fuel consumption also increases.

The nice thing about car window tinting is that it can protect your car from the hot sun. This approach will help protect your vehicle and keep it cool on hot summer days. So you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner when you get into the car.


Car coating adds a particular layer to the car’s paint surface. This car coating process uses SiO2 or silicon dioxide, the primary material in manufacturing ceramics and glass. This car coating allows the car paint to be protected so that the appearance of the car body can always look shiny and not quickly dull.

Then, you need to know that the car coating itself is divided into two types as follows:

  • Car ceramic coating nz is a protective liquid that can harden/crystallize to look like a thin acrylic layer when the liquid has dried. This ceramic coating can provide good protection and has long durability. However, this type of coating requires special care.
  • Nano Coating is a protective liquid with nano-sized particles. Because it has a minimal size, the protective liquid in the nano-coating is claimed to be able to fill the pores of the car paint.

Car Coating Functions You Need to Know

There are several functions of car coatings. Here are some of them.

  1. Protects car paint from ultraviolet (UV) rays

You need to know that the hot sun can fade the car paint color and make it look duller. This happens because the content of UV rays in the sun will damage the quality of your car paint. Therefore, car coating is needed. With a protective layer on the surface of the color, what can better protect the car body from exposure to UV rays?

  1. Make the car shinier

Car coating can be the right solution if you want your car to look shiny. If you make the car look shiny using wax or sealant, the car’s gloss usually lasts only about 1-3 months. In comparison, the luminance produced by car coatings can reach years.

  1. Protects paint from scratches

Scratches or scratches on the car can occur due to various things. Examples include the age of an old car, using a rough sponge, wiping the car with a dirty cloth, and so on. At first glance, fine scratches or scratches will not be noticeable, but if you look closely, these scratches will make the car look unkempt.




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