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These Are Your Favourite High quality Of Life Automotive Mods

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Gasoline pedal repositioning spacers or gasoline pedal extenders for making heel-toe downshifting a lot simpler. I’ve completed this for like 5 vehicles I’ve had previously. NC and ND Miatas, BRZ, Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

For sportscars, the pedal spacing on the Miatas and BRZs go away rather a lot to be desired for heel-toe pedal spacing. Really, it’s fucking bullshit that the pedals on these built-from-the-ground-up sportscars are spaced up to now aside, in addition to being uneven with the gasoline pedal being a lot decrease than the brake pedal.

I can forgive that on the Ford STs since they have been econoboxes to start with. However on actual sportscars, that’s a fake pas.

These days, my Veloster N has rev-match downshifting that may rev match significantly better and extra persistently than I can heel-toe. And I can heel-toe fairly rattling good.

Had I saved my FR-S, I might’ve put a pedal spacer in there, too. Not solely are the pedals far aside horizontally, they’ve received appreciable vertical distance between them — you should be actually arduous on the brakes for the pedals to line up.

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