Top 10 Baby Stores to Shop Bamboo Baby Clothes in Singapore

Top 10 Baby Stores to Shop Bamboo Baby Clothes in Singapore

Bamboo Clothes are one of the best things you can get for babies, toddlers, and kids. These trendy, soft, and breathable clothes are not only cozy but environmentally friendly as well.

Bamboo baby clothes are created from bamboo fiber, a renewable natural resource. The bamboo plant grows quickly without the use of dangerous pesticides or excessive water. This quality makes it very sustainable. Baby onsides, toddler t-shirts, and kids’ pajamas are just a few of the clothing items that are made from bamboo fiber. As an infant’s skin is very delicate, you should opt for harmless items for them. So, bamboo clothes safeguard both the environment and the skin of your newborn infant. The main benefit of bamboo clothing is that it is environmentally friendly. This fabric is hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin.  Bamboo cloth is a great option for kids who are prone to allergies or skin irritations. It is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides that are frequently used in the manufacturing of conventional cotton. You should spend your money on eco-friendly and reasonably priced, bamboo clothing.

There are several baby shops in Singapore, which are renowned for their bamboo clothes. The following shops of bamboo clothing are mentioned below:

  • Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed is the most iconic store in Singapore. They hold a specific place in their customer’s hearts. They cover a large number of tiny items. It is a one-stop store where you can find everything for your little one or make a special present for someone. Their Bamboo Baby Clothes set consists of 3 bamboo long-sleeve bodysuits. This bodysuit is made of high-quality bamboo fabric and comes in a stunning pink and blue color. It has sweat-absorbing qualities which is why it is suitable for all-day wear. In hot weather, the bamboo fabric keeps your newborns cool and comfortable. You can simply fold the mittens and footies over to protect the baby’s tiny hands and feet when the weather gets cooler. It also makes mums comfortable while traveling because it has a full-length zipper included with the bodysuit to make diaper changes simple. They also provide bamboo accessories.

  • Elly Store

Elly store is famous for its dedication to offering bamboo clothing that is gentle on a baby’s delicate skin. All their stuff is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. This store provides you with a combination of stylish, cozy, and environmentally friendly baby clothes. They also have stuff for kids.

  •  House of Holly

The Holly House store offers ideal comfort wear for tropical weather at home and on the go. Their bamboo clothes have four-way stretches and elastic straps that you can adjust as your child develops. The bamboo fabric is buttery, soft, light, and breathable for the delicate skin of your infant. All ages love it because of its velvety feel.

Their clothes are very attractive and made with environmentally friendly materials


OETEO store provides us with bamboo clothes with natural fabric blends. Their fashionable yet useful designs make sure that your child feels and looks amazing. This store offers a variety of sizes and designs. They have soft and cooling short-sleeve baby rompers made of bamboo, including shoulder snaps for simple on-and-off wear.

  • Kids 21

Kids 21 is a well-known designer clothing store in Singapore. They are well aware of the value of comfort and sustainability for infants. Their choice of bamboo baby garments shows their dedication to providing parents with high-quality, environmentally sustainable baby clothes.

  • Kays & Kins

Kays & Kins makes their baby clothes with natural fiber that gives your baby’s skin a soft feel. Their bamboo clothes are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These clothes are durable, very breathable, and kind to the environment. They also offer bamboo swaddles, pants, etc.

  • Bamboolite

In Singapore, the store Bamboolite is well-known for its bamboo infant clothing. They provide a great selection of baby clothes manufactured from bamboo fabric. Bamboolite offers a fashionable option for outfitting your children. Their collection starts with cute onsides and ends with warm bamboo sleepwear.

  • Little Baby

Little Baby is a reputable store in Singapore that has a lovely selection of bamboo clothes for newborns and children. Your infant will be comfortable in Singapore’s humid climate from the outstanding softness, breathability, and hypoallergenic qualities of Little Baby’s bamboo baby garments. They give parents peace of mind knowing that their child is wrapped in natural and safe material.

  • Mother care

Mother care is famous because of its dedication to safety and sustainability. The bamboo baby clothing line from this store features a variety of styles and designs, making it a great pick for parents who place a high value on both style and environmental responsibility.

  • Pupsik Studio

Pupsik Studios’ designs prioritize comfort and quality to keep your newborns cool and cozy all day in Singapore weather. Parents who want an outfit in which their infants look fashionable and attractive frequently visit Pupsik Studio because of its reputation for carrying a wide selection of cute styles and patterns. They have a wide range of bamboo stuff. They have bamboo clothes, swaddles, pants, etc.

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Your child will be comfortable and in a sustainable environment when you choose bamboo baby clothes for them. There are many baby shops in Singapore where you may find these eco-friendly clothes. The selections are plentiful, allowing you to choose the ideal bamboo baby clothes for your child while supporting a greener future, whether you prefer shopping in-person or online. I prefer Lovingly Signed to buy bamboo baby cloth for my little one. They have high-quality bamboo clothes at very affordable prices. Enjoy your shopping with Lovingly Signed!

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