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West Virginia is for its extensive rugged regions and stunning mountains, as well as its rich history, enjoyable outdoor endeavours, and distinct artistic heritage.

What the state lacks in human population, it makes up for in many attractions that people of all tastes and hobbies can enjoy. These are a few of the things that West Virginia is famous for. The Mountain State is brimming with hidden treasures and legendary personalities.

It’s no surprise that many travellers flock here each year to experience everything West Virginia has to offer, with its delicious food, entertaining events, and stunning wildlife. Your journey to the region will expose you to more of what West Virginia is famous for; even the state’s unfavourable qualities will excite you.

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Family-Friendly Fun in West Virginia: Kid-Friendly Activities and Attractions

West Virginia’s limitless mountain retreats and calm small-town settings entice vacationing families. We weren’t shocked that you are thinking about making this state your next family holiday destination. We understand how tough it can be to decide how to spend your vacation here when there are so many lovely possibilities. As a result, we’ve listed the greatest West Virginia family activities.

Dark Skies Park 

With so many family-friendly activities in West Virginia, it’s easy to miss the hidden treasures. Families are able to spend the evening in Calhoun County Park to enjoy some spectacular stargazing away from the city. Few places east of the Mississippi River still allow stargazers to experience the Milky Way’s grandeur with the naked eye. So come to Calhoun County for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the night sky in all its glory.

New River Gorge 

This explains why it passes through the breath-taking canyons. The New River Gorge National River Park encompasses almost 70,000 acres of beautiful nature. Among the various attractions that entice visitors are white-water rafting, camping, and other leisure activities. Inquire with the park rangers about all of the amazing kid-friendly activities that are available.

A Food Lover’s Journey: Sampling West Virginia’s Culinary Delights

The food scene at the West Virginia State Fair is diverse, with a wide range of tantalising alternatives. There’s something to fulfil every craving, from sweet and savoury to decadent.

Classic Fair Treats:

Favourite fair treats include funnel cakes, deep-fried Oreos, and candy made from cotton. These timeless treats provide a taste of nostalgia while preserving the fundamentals of the fair event.

Local Delights:

Local delights highlight West Virginia’s distinct flavours, highlighting the state’s rich culinary tradition. There will be a wide variety of West Virginia goodness, from created wines to the famous biscuits and gravy.

Greek Fine Food:

Excite your taste buds with gyros, kabobs, and savoury salads that highlight the robust flavours of Greek cuisine.

Asian Delights:

Enjoy a selection of Asian delights, including scrumptious fried rice and mouth-watering chees wantons. Right on the fairgrounds, you can sample the bright and diverse flavours of Asian street food.

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West Virginia’s Thriving Arts Scene: Exploring Local Museums and Galleries

After ten years of development, the Art Museum of West Virginia University finally opened its doors in August 2015. The museum, according to the Dean of the College of Creative Arts, “puts the visual arts group at WVU on a level playing field with our peer institutions” and provides possibilities for learning for Morgantown students and children. Gordon Gee, President of West Virginia University, said “maintain and exhibiting our cultural heritage is a significant component of our land-grant legacy.”

Road Trip through West Virginia: The Ultimate Itinerary for Exploring the State

What images come to mind if you recall West Virginia? Is it gorges, dense forests, and raging waterfalls? What about breathtakingly treks, intriguing history, and charming European-style villages? All of this and more await travellers seeking an out-of-the-way experience through one of the most interesting destinations in the United States. While West Virginia isn’t on the list of top tourist destinations to visit on a US road trip, it should be!

The Ghosts of West Virginia: Haunted Places and Spooky Legends

The Frederick Hotel in Huntington, West Virginia, opened in 1906 as a great place to stay in the Tri-State, attracting many notable visitors. The hotel closed in 1973 after its peak and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Greenbrier Ghost belief arose when a widow said her daughter reached out from beyond the grave and told her mother she had been murdered. It became the first known case in which a witness assisted in the conviction of a murderer.

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