What Are Arlo Activity Zones? How to Fix Related Issues?

Known for offering cutting-edge security, Arlo cameras need no introduction today. That is why performing Arlo Q camera setup or baby camera setup has become a common thing these days. Still, there are a lot of users who are unaware of various features and functions of their security cameras due to which they are unable to make the most of them. One such function we are going to discuss here is Arlo Activity Zones. What are Activity Zones for security cameras and how to troubleshoot any problem related to them? Read on to know.

Arlo Activity Zones: Introduction

An Activity Zone on your security camera performs the task of motion detection in a specific area. However, that area must fall into your camera’s field of view. As soon as any motion is detected by your camera, it determines whether the motion has occurred in an Activity Zone set by you or not. You will receive a notification on the camera mobile app and a recording will be sent to your video library. If you are using the Local Storage, every video will be saved irrespective of the fact that the activity has taken place outside or inside an Arlo Activity zone.

However, there are chances that you’ll receive unwanted notifications or video recordings even after adding an activity zone. In that case, you are supposed to take a few steps discussed in the next section.

Fix: Issues Related to Arlo Activity Zones

1. Adjust the Position of the Camera

The first workaround that you need to follow to get rid of any problem related to Activity Zones is to adjust the camera’s angle and position. If possible, make adjustments so that the camera won’t record the unwanted area. The unwanted area can be a street or walkway with too much traffic that you do not wish to monitor. You are supposed to manage Activity Zones after adjusting the angle or position of your wireless security camera.

2. Turn Off Auto Zoom and Tracking

If Auto Zoom and Tracking is enabled, then also the Arlo Activity Zones may get affected. Furthermore, the accuracy of your camera suffers in that case. Therefore, we suggest you turn off the Auto Zoom and Tracking option if you are using Activity Zones. It can be done by accessing the Arlo wireless camera login page either via the mobile app or the web address. We suggest you go with a convenient one.

3. Adjust the Field of View

This troubleshooting technique will come in handy if you cannot adjust the angle or position of your camera. The task can be accomplished digitally with the use of the Arlo Secure app on the mobile phone. Log in to the camera using your Arlo account login details and tap the Settings icon under the camera feed. Select Video Settings after that. On the next screen, pinch and zoom the live recording to focus on the area you want to monitor.

4. Reduce the Size of Activity Zones

Another thing you can do to fix the problems related to Arlo Activity Zones is to reduce the part of the area that comes under the same. You don’t need to select the redundant area. Let us explain to you with the help of an example. You want to get notifications when people walk up to your door. In that case, covering the walkway with an activity zone will be a good idea instead of the entire area that falls in front of your door. As soon as the person’s feet enter the activity zone, you will get notified even if their entire torso is not in the zone.

Summing Up

Here, we are ending our post written on Arlo Activity Zones and related issues. We are expecting that you have understood the concept better and will be able to fix any problem linked to the camera’s activity zones. However, you must enable Smart Notification Settings on the Arlo app to get notified.

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