What is app localization and why do you need it?

In the present age of rapidly growing competition, if you aspire to make your mark in the international markets, translation is the key. It is the ultimate solution to removing language barriers. And it can also ensure that your message is conveyed to the local audience in a way that it resonates with them. And for that, you need professional help. 

The demand  for translations is rising in every sector as technology continues to evolve. Companies focusing on effective communication and building strong connections can unlock access to a wider global market. Thus, for reaching new marketing and targeting audiences belonging to different geographical regions, you need marketing translation services. 

It allows businesses to market their products and services in dedicated regions. In the case of apps, mere translation is not enough. Instead, it is important to go for localization to provide your users with a better, engaging and hassle-free experience.  

App Localization

Localization is the process of revamping your translated marketing content to fit the local market. Mobile App localization is an innovative way of adapting an entire application’s user interface and features for different audiences. It is completely different from traditional translation which involves converting textual data from one language to another. 

App localization services cover all aspects of your app to align it with the cultural values, preferences, and needs of users. If an app is localized, it shows that developers have Invested sufficient time and money to make their project a success; however, it cannot be achieved without a long-term marketing plan. 

Importance of App Localization

Apart from providing an immersive user experience, localization plays a pivotal role to improve credibility of your application. 

  • A highly responsive and appealing user interface is the foundation of a professional mobile application. User interface represents all the features and functionality of an application. However, an application targeting a global audience will face challenges to serve customers without localization. Mobile app localization translates all the content, features, and visuals into different languages to attract maximum users and target huge markets. 
  • To properly interact with the target audience in their native language user interface (UI) elements, specialized features, in-app content, images, and app descriptions must be localized. 
  • Localization empowers your application to appear at the top when someone searches applications related to your industry in different regions. The algorithm works in a way that it automatically promotes localized applications to its target audience. Additionally, people are more inclined to install applications that are professionally localized and allow them to communicate effectively. 
  • Above all, localization increases the global ranking of your application. If your app is performing well and getting downloaded from app stores in different regions, this will surely make a huge difference in its overall ranking. Your increasing monthly active users will make your app visible and rank higher than an ordinary application. 

In recent years, application localization has become a dire need of businesses, removing all the barriers to effective communication.  

Types of Mobile App Localization 

In this digital era, mobile applications are the most credible solution to market your product or service. If your brand has a user-friendly mobile application that is localized by professional translators, you are expected to grab a huge market and surpass your competitors efficiently.

When you partner with a translation agency,  you’ll come to know they offer two types of app localization services to match your custom requirements.

Minimum Viable Localization (MVL)

MVL is the basic approach of app localization that focuses on some major aspects only. Despite offering limited localization features, this technique is highly suitable for emerging applications with limited requirements and budgets. It is evident that localization is achieved by utilizing all available resources, but a starter plan can also help you kickstart your journey of targeting a global audience. MVL is a starter plan for localization that covers keywords, meta titles, product descriptions, pricing, and payment gateway system.

Full App Localization

Applications that are developed with a focus on marketing their business globally and dealing with international clients, should opt for full app localization. From improving user interface to interpreting description, full app localization covers all aspects of an effective localization. This reliable approach ensures a captivating user experience for different target markets. 

There are many applications that have implemented full app localization to expand their business and surprisingly they have now established their name as a global leading player. Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and McDonalds to name a few. 

Final Thoughts

App localization is the ultimate solution if you want to increase your audience and market your brand outside of your primary market. A specialized agency for app localization can streamline and automate the entire localization process for your app, making it possible to ensure quality and widespread adoption. Localization is similar to a one-time investment that will help you save plenty of time and money in the long run. 

Your invested efforts and money will unleash new opportunities for your business to expand and become global. You will be able to surpass competitors with accurate localization as soon as you launch your application. Users are more likely to download apps that are available in their native language. 

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