What is the most visited place in George Town

Penang, Malaysia’s capital city, is called George Town. It is located beside the Straits of Malacca. It is considered to be the eighth most populated city in Malaysia. This city was founded on 11th August 1786 by Francis Light. This city covers an area of 7.3 sq mi. It has an average population of 1,58,336. George Town is famous for its colonial streets, street art, Skyscrapers and Tourist places. The city is culturally diverse. The Delta Flights will be worth considering visiting George Town.

Before one plans to visit George Town, people should learn about some of the famous places to visit during their tour of George City. Below are some of the renowned tourist destinations of George Town.

7 best places to visit in George Town:

Penang Hill: Penang Hill is one of the most visited places on tour to George Town. This Hill is well known for its rich vegetation, colonial vibe, amazing views from the hilltop as well and forest landscape. This Hill is located 9 km away from the west of George Town. The amazing hill station is at an elevation of 833 meters. One can reach the hilltop by experiencing the ride to funicular railways. The cooler climate also suits this trip. People often opt for trekking to this Hill station.   

Botanical Gardens: The botanical garden is also known with the name waterfall garden. The botanical garden is located at Jalan Air Terjun Road, George Town. This garden is famous for the housing of exotic and indigenous plant species. It is the house of numerous plant species. The garden has a 50 acre footprint. The garden features a lily pond, cactus house, orchidarium, nursery, recreational park, and tropical rainforest jungle track and fern house.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion: This mansion is also known by the names Babas and Nonyas. This mansion is one of the finest historic heritages. It includes historical artifacts and antiques. At the same time, it proves to be one of the unique museums of Malaysia. This house displays a Scottish European interior, antiques, Peranakan relics and collections. This museum is worth visiting on tour to George Town.     

Batu Ferringhi: This place is one of the finest beach destinations in George Town. At the same time, it is the home to many five-star hotels. The beach covers an area of 4 km covered with white sand. The most prominent feature of this place includes several water sports and the night market. The various water sports include jet skiing, windsurfing and parasailing. Tourists can often spot various shops, resorts and restaurants on their visit to Batu Ferringhi.     

Kek Lok Si Temple: This temple is located at the Air Itam hilltop. This temple is near Penang hill. It is one of the largest Chinese Buddhist temples in this place. This temple comprises prayer halls, monasteries, gardens and temples. This temple is considered the temple of serene bliss from Hokkien. The best time to visit this place is during the Chinese New Year festival.

Bird Park: The bird park is located in Tanjung Bungah. This park is the home of 300 bird species. This park consists of bird species across the globe. Besides, one can also find deer, snakes, turtles, etc.

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Summing up:

Tourists will find it enjoyable and make great memories while visiting the tourist destination of George Town. One can be considered Delta flights to experience easy travel to George Town at the cheapest price. Book your tickets now to visit George Town tourist destination.   

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