Window Curtains Call: How To Measure And Hang Your Window Treatments?

Curtains and other window treatments can substantially improve your home’s appearance and comfort. To guarantee that your window treatments fit exactly and go well with your interior design, they must be measured and hung properly. We’ll walk through every step of measuring and hanging your window treatments in this tutorial by Curtains-Dubai.

How To Measure Your Window Treatments?

To ensure that your window treatment fits precisely and improves the overall appearance of your home, it is crucial to accurately measure your windows. Here is a step-by-step guide for accurately measuring your window coverings:

Step 1: Gather The Necessary Tools

Make sure you have the following stuff available before you begin measuring:

  • Measuring Tape

The best instrument for exact measurements is a retractable measuring tape.

  • Step Ladder

Use a step ladder to get to the top of windows that are out of your line of sight.

Step 2: Determine The Type Of Window Treatment

Specific measurements are needed for various window treatments. Determine the window treatment style that you want to install beforehand.

  • Curtains

Measure for curtains, if you want soft and elegant fabricated window coverings.

  • Blinds

Blinds can be the best option if you like moveable slats for light control, privacy, and a modern styling.

  • Shades

Shades are a fantastic fit for a variety of designing and light-filtering purposes.

Step 3: Measure The Width

  • For Curtains And Other Fabric Window Treatments

Measure The Inside Width

Measure the width of the window from one inside edge to the other for draperies and other fabricated window treatments. Measure the window’s height at the top, center, and bottom. To guarantee that your curtains do not drag on the floor, use the smallest measurement.

  • For Blinds And Shades

Inside Mount

From one side to the other, measure the width inside the window frame at the top, middle, and bottom. Take the narrowest reading.


Outside Mount

Measure the distance in breadth from one side of the window molding edge to the other side of the molding edge. To ensure utmost privacy and light blocking, have additional inches added as well.

Step 4: Measure The Length

  • For Curtains And Other Fabric Window Treatments

Inside Mount

Measure the distance from the top of the window frame to the desired endpoint (the floor).

Outside Mount

Measure from the desired endpoint to the appropriate beginning point above the window.

  • For Blinds And Shades

Inside Mount

Measure the window distance from the top inside edge of the window frame to the suitable endpoint.

Outside Mount

Measure from the desired terminus to the appropriate beginning point, which is normally 2-4 inches above the window frame.

Step 5: Account For Hardware And Clearances

Consider the hardware and clearances required for appropriate installation and performance when measuring curtains, blinds, and shade.

  • Curtain Rods

If utilizing a curtain rod, increase the window width by a few inches on each side so that the curtains can effectively cover the window when drawn.

  • Curtain Tracks

For the curtain track, measure the width and length and make sure there is enough room above the window for the track to fit. 

  • Blinds And Shades

Make sure there is enough room within the window frame for the mounting brackets and any additional hardware if you choose an inside mount.

How To Hang Your Window Treatments?

The last step in the procedure is to hang the window coverings, and doing it right will guarantee that they look their best and work as intended. 

Step 1: Gather The Necessary Tool

Ensure having the following equipment before beginning the process.

  • Curtain Rods Or Tracks

Curtain rods or tracks are required for curtains and draperies. Do check if the mounting hardware is included with the blinds and shades.

  • Curtain Ring Or Clip

Make sure you have the proper rings or clips if your curtains need them.

  • Level

You can make sure that your window treatments are hung straight by using a level.

  • Screwdriver Or Drill

To attach the mounting brackets, you could require a screwdriver or a drill, depending on the kind of hardware.

Step 2: Install The Mounting Hardware

To firmly attach the curtain rods, tracks, or brackets, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, make sure they are straight and leveled by using a level. Also, make sure there is adequate room for the window treatments to fit comfortably when going for inside mounting.

Step 3: Hang The Curtains, Blinds, or Shades

For Curtains And Drapes

  • If you’re using curtain rings with clips, have the clips evenly spaced around the top edge of the curtains.
  • The rings should be slid onto the curtain rods.
  • Put the curtain road through the pocket if the curtains have rod pockets.
  • Curtain rods with grommet tops should be threaded through the grommets.

For Blinds And Shades

  • If you’re using blinds, mount them to the headrail of fasten the brackets.
  • If you’re using shades, make sure they fit correctly into the brackets.

Step 4: Adjust And Dress The Window Treatments

After hanging the curtains, stand back and make any necessary adjustments to get the desired effects:

  • Curtain Length

If the curtains are overly long, shorten them so that they only brush the floor for a refined appearance.

  • Curtain Fullness

If you want a broader appearance, position the curtains so that they close in graceful folds.

  • Blinds And Shades

Make sure the blinds or shades can rise and fall freely without being obstructed for interior mount installations.

Step 5: Final Touches

Once everything is in place, pause for a moment to assess how your window coverings look as a whole. Make sure they are hung evenly, positioned correctly, and go with the decor in the area.

Winding Up

Although measuring and hanging window treatments can seem like a difficult process, with the appropriate advice, it can turn into a fun activity that will significantly improve your living area. Getting glossy and professionally-generated aesthetics depends on taking precise measurements and choosing the right hardware. Follow these step-by-step instructions to add beauty and utility to your house with correctly fitting window coverings.

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